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About Glow Cup

Mission Statement

Glowbal Inc. is a team dedicated to uncompromising customer satisfaction and to the high standards of our products. We are driven by integrity and the desire to improve our position in this new and exciting marketplace. Whether your business is selling soda, alcohol, entertainment, advertisement, amusement, promotional items or souvenir branding then Glowbal Inc. is the Glow company for you. Glowbal Inc. is the Universal leader in Glow and Luminescent drinkware. Our innovative designs represent where this unique and exciting Glow industry is headed. Together we are committed to ensuring strong partnerships between Glowbal Inc., our customers, our people, and our industry.

Our Customers

Our goal is to be accountable and accessible to our customers, thus providing them with the knowledge, ideas, and the motivation to ensure their success. Some of our current customers include theme parks (Universal Studios, Six Flags, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Busch Gardens), bars, ad specialty companies, indoor and outdoor festivals, Miller Lite and resorts. We are prepared to improve our product lines to the specific needs of our customers.